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Before You Travel


Useful tips before you travel to Legacy Lodge

To maximize your fishing adventure, Legacy has as full staff of professionals to assist you on and off the water. From mooching, fly fishing, buck tailing and halibut fishing, the Legacy professionals will be glad to share their diverse knowledge of techniques on salmon & halibut fishing and the incredible waters of Rivers Inlet.

Legacy Lodge has four full times guides on the water daily with our guests. Guides will join all guests for two hours the first morning again in the afternoon to insure you have the basic techniques mastered; thereafter they are available to guests on a rotating basis. All professionals are accessible to guests during the evening, so ask as many questions as possible or set up a time for them to join you on the water the next day. They have diverse knowledge and enjoy sharing it with guests.

Fully guided adventures are available. Inquire while you are planning your trip.

Upon arrival, the crew takes guests through a comprehensive orientation which includes boating safety, fishing techniques, current fishing conditions and even an on water demonstration covering everything from rigging your baits to netting fish for those who want more information.

As these methods may be new to some of our guests, the Pro Tip section of our website provides information and techniques we use on the water daily. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 877-347-4534 to address any and all of your questions.

We look forward to your arrival –

Phil Dawson
Co-founder & Guide


Fishing Licenses

DFO is now requiring all Recreational Sport Fishing Licenses be obtained by the angler through their website. To secure your Tidal Water Sport Fishing License and Pacific Salmon Stamp click the button below:

Important things to know when filling out the form:

  • When selecting a start date for the license, use the second day of your trip. Example: If your trip date is July 1- July 4, your license start date would be July 2 – July 4
  • Legacy Lodge is NOT located within the “restricted areas"
  • You need to include the Pacific Salmon Stamp on your license
  • You do not need to purchase Halibut allocation
  • Print and keep your license with you at all times while on the water
  • If you have questions, call us at 877-347-4534
Get Your License Now

Getting Started with Pro Tips


Bait Prep

Rod Management

Check the Spin


When tying knots there are several important factors to remember:

  • Knots are the weakest link between you and the fish, so routinely inspect knots for damage while fishing.
  • When tying your knot, use 6-7 wraps for making the knot. Make sure the wraps are lying cleanly inline. Overlapping line will reduce knot strength. See knot diagram(s).
  • Thoroughly wet your knot with saliva before tightening the knot. Pull knot tight with firm, even pressure until completely seated.
  • Trim excess line with line clippers. Leave a small tag end of +/- 1/4".

After fighting every fish, inspect your leader for any nicks, cuts or abrasion(s). Test the leader by carefully taking a hook in each hand and pull them apart with a slight tug. If the leader has any nicks, cuts or shows abrasion replace it immediately.

If you have any questions about knots or leaders, any of our professional staff will be glad to answer your questions.


Clinch Knot

To maximize your experience, Legacy Lodge offers a unique in-boat instructor and guide program for anglers of all ages and experience.

At Legacy Lodge, our program is based on personal service and is different than other lodges as we provide in-boat instruction from our team of guides on a 2-3 hour rotating basis. This allows those familiar with mooching to fish on their own as much as desired while having the benefit of a guide’s knowledge of the waters, techniques and premier fishing locations. For those individuals new to salmon fishing, the guides create success for all anglers by accelerating the learning curve and providing in-boat assistance throughout their trip. The team leads daily halibut fishing excursions within the same calm waters, assisting guests with the use of the GPS and effective halibut techniques. With over 56 years of combined experience on these waters, our team of professionals will have you on fish throughout your trip!


Helpful Downloads:

We suggest printing these off and bringing them with you. You’ll find them useful when you are out on the water.