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World Class Fishing Adventures

November 2005 | BC Outdoors Magazine


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Discover the old-world charm of Legacy Lodge


If fishing for world class chinook and coho in calm secluded waters is what you’re looking for, then Legacy Lodge at Rivers Inlet has created the fishing adventure of a lifetime just for you!



Carved into the rugged Coast Line of British Columbia, Rivers Inlet is renowned around the globe for its magnificent scenery and unrivaled sportfishing. The waters here teem with some of the largest coho and chinook salmon in the world. In fact, more 50-60 lb chinook salmon are caught in this fjord-like inlet each year than any other area in British Columbia.



Located within the pristine beauty and calm of Pendelton Bay, Legacy Lodge provides nine private guest rooms and four suites that will sooth you in comfort and luxury. All meals are overseen by the lodges Executive Chef and feature a traditional Pacific Northwest fare of fresh fish and prime beef. Throughout your stay, the energetic staff attends to every detail, from daily room service to fish handling, all designed to enhance your Legacy Lodge experience.


“After fishing the waters from Oregon to Alaska for more than 20 years, no location compared with the realm of wild beauty and world class fishing found here. We incorporated the best of those experiences into Legacy Lodge. By providing master craftsmen with cedar and materials indigenous to the area, the lodge is one of natural, rustic beauty” offers Mick Heath, the vision and host behind Legacy Lodge. “In the end we created an experience found nowhere else in these waters”.


Legacy Lodge places the fisherman at the most strategic of locations, close to the mouth of Rivers Inlet and minutes from the most productive fishing waters in British Columbia. Guests can quickly reach areas where they can fish with only the whales intruding on their experience. “We’ve spent years locating the most productive fishing waters. Our new fleet of custom built sport fishing boats allow our guests to reach areas within the inlet that others simply can’t”.


Although seasoned anglers are quickly calling Legacy Lodge home, the lodge provides in-boat instruction to all guest from its staff of professional guides. The most rewarding experience is to provide a new angler with the ability to catch the fish on his own. “It’s really exciting to see guests catching 15-20 lb coho after a few hours on the water. A 45 lb plus chinook slamming your bait and ripping 100 yards of line off your reel leaves an impression for a lifetime” laughs Heath.


 “We use the traditional method of mooching for salmon with light gear and cut plug herring. It’s simple and extremely effective on chinook and coho alike. We precut all the baits so our guests only have to worry about depth and speed of presentation” explains Heath. Anglers spend first light working specific locations for giant chinook and target coho later in the morning. Afternoons are the perfect time for guest to catch the abundant halibut, yellow-eye and ling cod that occupy the bottom of these fertile waters. Legacy Lodge guests caught a record number of 40 plus lb chinooks close to the lodge this past season.


One of the many highlight of the 2004 season at Legacy Lodge was the annual Father & Son trip where 9 year old Kyle Sanders caught a 48 lb chinook and a 20 lb coho representing the youngest entrant into the Tyee and Coho Masters Club! The waters here are typically dead calm, creating the perfect introduction for aspiring anglers into saltwater sportfishing. Our youngest father & son team was represented by Jack & Drew Dawson (8 & 7 years old respectively) who took limits, with coho in excess of 15 lbs each! The trip introduces the kids to the great Pacific Northwest, from seeing whales, eagles, otters and dolphins, to catching dungeness crabs and processing fish, the kids walk away with an experience found nowhere else. “We netted 43 salmon the first afternoon, and that was with the kids on the rods” Phil Dawson explains, “The dad’s were just operating the nets!”


Legacy Lodge trips originate out of Vancouver aboard Pacific Coastal Airlines and are all inclusive. From Vancouver guest fly to Port Hardy where they embark upon a 35 minute float plane flight to the lodge. The flights into Legacy Lodge are spectacular, often full of migrating humpback whales along the Fits Hugh sound. Arriving in the late afternoon, guests are treated to a welcoming reception, orientation and dinner. Morning brings great anticipation as guests rise early for a home style breakfast and start of their fishing adventure. Anglers can choose to have their lunch on the water or return to the lodge. As the shadows lengthen in the late afternoon, anglers return to the lodge for ceremonial photo’s and weigh-in. While the crew attends to the days catch, guests enjoy an evening of fine food, spirit and the anticipation of a new adventure that is sure to renew their passion for the great outdoors.

Legacy anglers with humpback whales

Nine-year-old Kyle Sanders with a 48 lb chinook

Jack (8) and Drew (7) Dawson flaunting their catches


November 2005 | BC Outdoors Magazine


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Experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Trips book quickly, so make your reservation now!

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