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Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Legacy Lodge has always put guest and crew safety at the forefront of everything we do. We have a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan setting forth the basic safety precautions and procedures in accordance with industry protocols to comply with BCHO guidelines for crew and guests while at
Legacy Lodge during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  1. The chartered flight from Vancouver to Port Hardy will be on Alkan Airways, who specializes in medical flights and charters. All aircraft will be disinfected prior to guest boarding. Guests are required to wear face coverings while on board all flights and during their arrival at Legacy Lodge. We will make every effort to keep parties together while traveling to and from the lodge.

  2. We will be departing from the Signature Flight Center next to the South Terminal, eliminating potential exposure to other travelers while departing to and from Legacy Lodge. We will have a bus available to take guests to the Fairmont or area hotels upon returning to Vancouver. Signature Flight Center is located at 5360 Airport Rd S, Richmond, BC V7B 1B4., or call 604-270-2222. See location map at

  3. Upon arrival and departure, Legacy Team Members will continuously be sanitizing high-touch areas. While in your room, you will have the comfort of knowing that the entire area has been thoroughly sanitized with attention being given to light switches, doorknobs, counter surfaces and common areas.

  4. Dedicated team members will be in place to continually disinfect our common areas including tables, doorknobs, hard surfaces, light switches and counter tops. Additional hand sanitizers will be added in the common areas and the kitchen staff will be implementing added sanitary practices to insure the health of our guests and team members.

  5. We will be closely following the guidance of the BCHO, CDC and WHO on everything from hand washing, hygiene and cleaning product specifications and procedures to ensure our guests health and safety.

  6. We will be encouraging social distancing between parties and between guests and crew members.

Guest Based Preventative Measures:

  • Reduced occupancy to fifty percent (50%) of normal capacity

  • Pre-arrival COVID -19 questionnaire completed by all guests prior to arrival

  • Guests to be provided with and agree to lodge safety protocols prior to arrival

  • Temperature taken prior to boarding flight to Legacy (38 c or above not allowed)

  • All guests to wear face masks during flights to / from lodge and while at the lodge

  • Arrival & departure procedures in place to ensure social distancing

  • Grouping of guests traveling together - planes, rooms, dinning and boats

  • Social distancing protocols in place and posted - Crew educated on social distancing

  • Occupancy limits established & posted for areas of guest concentrations

  • Isolation procedures & protocols established and in place

  • Plexiglass barriers where appropriate installed

  • Hand sanitizers located throughout lodge and provided in boats and rooms

  • Sanitation procedures established and in place

  • Food & service protocols established and in place

  • Domestic service protocols established and in place

  • Guests will not be permitted to leave the care of the business and facilities for any reason

  • Guests will not enter local establishments or personal homes during their stay

  • Names and contact information for each client shall be kept on file

  • Guests shall report to the lodge if anyone becomes ill within 48 hours of their departure

Crew Based Preventative Measures:

  • Lodge season reduced to Canadian guests only

  • Lodge season reduced to the month of August

  • Crew reduced to 50% of normal operations

  • Pre-arrival COVID-19 questionnaire completed by all crew members

  • Temperatures taken prior to boarding flight into lodge (38 c and above not allowed)

  • Daily temperatures taken and recoded (morning and/or pre-shift)

  • Health & personal hygiene protocols established and posted

  • Shared restroom sanitation procedures and protocols in place

  • Isolation protocols established in case of a sick crew member(s)

  • Rapid response medical protocols established

  • Crew isolation area established along with all safety protocols in place

  • Medical Supervisor on-site

  • All required PPE secured, on-site with training information provide to crew

Crew Training:

  • Crew members are trained on basic infection control, including washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol, covering coughs or sneezes (into the sleeve or elbow, not hands), regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces, and not shaking hands.

  • Crew members are trained on preparing and using cleaning and/or sanitization products.

  • Crew members are trained in proper wearing of protective gear, handling and disposing of waste, garbage or materials that require cleaning.



Cleaning Protocols Include:

  • Ensure twice daily cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and surfaces.

  • Ensure high touch surfaces are cleaned repeatedly throughout the day.  This includes doorknobs and handles, light switches, tables, chairs and work surfaces in staff areas, table tops, and washrooms

  • Clean visibly dirty surfaces before disinfecting, unless stated otherwise on the product instructions. Cleaning refers to the removal of visible dirt, grime and impurities

  • Use clean cloths, paper towels or wipes to clean and disinfect surfaces.

  • Put cleaning and disinfectant solutions into clean buckets for use.

  • To avoid contaminating your cleaning solution, do NOT re-dip dirty cloths back into the cleaning solution. Use clean cloths each time. Dirty towels go in a “Dirty Cloth” bin for washing.

  • Immediately discard paper towels and disposable wipes after use.

  • Avoid the use of spray bottles or pressurized sprayers that might aerosolize contaminants.

  • Use a disinfectant that has a Drug Identification Number (DIN). Follow the instructions on the product label for dilution, contact time and safe use.

  • Floors and walls should be kept visibly clean and free of spills, dust and debris.

  • Empty and clean garbage cans in public areas regularly.

Legacy Lodge has always taken the safety of our guests and team members seriously. You can rest assured we will make every effort to ensure your health while at the lodge this summer. And just think, as the Coronavirus recedes, is there anywhere better to be than in the pristine environment of Rivers Inlet?

At Legacy Lodge, our guests are family. Safety and making every guests experience live up to our standards remains our priority. We greatly appreciate your business and support through the years. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Phil Dawson directly.


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