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Guides & Instructors

To maximize your experience, Legacy Lodge offers a unique in-boat Guides & Instructors program for anglers of all ages and experience.

At Legacy Lodge, our In-boat Instructor Program is based on personal service and is different than other lodges as we provide in-boat instruction from our team of guides on a 2-3 hour rotating basis. This allows those familiar with mooching to fish on their own as much as desired while having the benefit of a guide’s knowledge of the waters, techniques and premier fishing locations.


For those individuals new to salmon fishing, the guides create success for all anglers by accelerating the learning curve and providing in-boat assistance throughout their trip. The team leads daily halibut fishing excursions within the same calm waters, assisting guests with the use of the GPS and effective halibut techniques. With over 56 years of combined experience on these waters, our team of professionals will have you on fish throughout your trip!


For those who prefer a fully guided adventure, or simply a day of learning on the water…..


Legacy Lodge offers fully guided adventures for an added fee which provides a full time guide in one of our larger Scout 195 boats. This is a great opportunity to learn different techniques for catching salmon, halibut and bottom fish. Our guides are exceptional at all types of salmon fishing, from mooching, running gear, fly fishing or trolling plugs and will be glad to teach you the fine points of mastering each.

Make your request at the time you are Planning Your Trip.

The Legacy Team works together with our guests, through personal instruction and continuous reporting over the lodge radio, to keep guests on the most active fish. Legacy has 4+ professionals on the water, each and every day, with our guests.


Proper use of the equipment is also key to an enjoyable experience. Our orientation assures guests understand the operation of the boats, equipment and the surrounding
areas guests will be fishing.

Guests can also review the Pro-tips section of our website for tutorial videos.


Start your fishing adventure of a lifetime today. View trip dates and availability. Make your reservation now!


Experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Trips book quickly, so make your reservation now!

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