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Halibut Fishing

In case you're tired battling giant salmon!
Halibut fishing can be a lot of fun, and a great addition to the freezer!


The water of Rivers Inlet offer an abundance of halibut and other bottom fish. We have several locations where we routinely catch “Chicken Halibut – a halibut between 20-40 pounds” which are ideal table fare. Yes gentlemen, this is what we were instructed to bring home.


Pacific halibut are large flatfish found on the continental shelf from California to the Bering Sea. Halibut have flat, diamond-shaped bodies and can exceed 500 pounds in weight. Adult halibut migrate long distances from shallow summer feeding grounds to deeper winter spawning grounds. The number of eggs they lay depends on the female’s size. A 50-pound female can produce about 500,000 eggs, while a female over 250 pounds can produce four million eggs.

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Start your fishing adventure of a lifetime today. View trip dates and availability. Make your reservation now!


Experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Trips book quickly, so make your reservation now!

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